Monday, December 8, 2008


Jim, emerson and myself went to america on a plane we came here first and are going others places later, it is fun but i miss everyone already.

Busenitz mid heated session with emerson early morning.

Mission District, 20 dollar dickies + 3 dollar flannels..

3rd+army. emerson the hessian ledge skater

$1.50 40's

By the slice.

Ft. Miley

staying healthy

New setups


dirtyoldtown said...

Well, yr having heaps of fun and i bought an xbox360.

If you get a chance send one of us an email about yr trip!

Love you guys,

Chippy said...

i love you guys

Geoffrey said...

Hi Andrew and Jim And Emerson
Hope you are having a great time - watch out for ufos
More photos please
ring me when you are in SF i want you to buy me a distortion pedal i will put the money in your acc
Love Geoffrey

Paul said...

Emerson, no wonder you have a pimple on your head, looking at all the crap you've been eating (ok maybe its a hat)
Your Uncle Paul