Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New York.

It snowed, we hung out with Skye and there is a New York version of netties which is rad. The museum of natural history is the best place in the world and Emerson skated a mini ramp in the snow.


We spent one day in Philly, we stayed in a skid row hotel, a mouse ate a chocolate bar out of Jim's bag and there was baby cockroaches in me and emeron's bed.

Washington, D.C.

Obama, Squirrels and Bobby Worrest are awesome.

Roswell, New Mexico

We went to the UFO museum. It was awesome. Our bus came at 3am and it was -10 degrees.


Photos missing. Not safe to take camera.

Sun Diego

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


We are back in SF after taking a month to get to the east coast and back on the greyhound, which was the best and worst thing to ever happen. There is free internet here so i am going to try and upload as many photos as possible.

the last set had captions but it stuffed up. Thanks to Katie and her roommates brett and jess for letting us stay, it saved us heaps of money. katie also cooked us crazy southern food like biscuits and grits which was ripping.

First stop was LA, and we visited david and annie (catherine's brother) and their new baby rex before leaving SF.